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BEMTECH Projects Established Since 2004

We provide turnkey software programming services in the focus areas of Application Software & embedded System based on models of affordable Costs or Time & goods. Our services include architecting, designing & implementing new systems and sub-systems as well as enhancements and defect/tracking and fixing of existing systems.

TMKS Infotech offers world-class software and development solutions for small and medium size companies. Our talented team of programmers and designers are more than able to develop customized applications, databases, web programs, and websites that meet your requirements.

Our approach to IEEE Project solutions has been designed to achieve the highest level of Total Quality Management; with our extensive experience in the design, development and management of IT- related projects, we provide a range of project management services for clients. We offer a complete turnkey service for clients from the preparation of a comprehensive project plan setting out deliverables, time-scales, task dependencies and resource scheduling through to designing and implementing appropriate project management, monitoring, reporting and review procedures and defining quality assurance methods.


Mission at tmksinfotech we work towards minimizing the effort needed in re-generating existing knowledge and ensuring that the employees in contact with the customer have a complete knowledge of the organization behind them. Knowledge Management plays a key role in facilitating this, and helps develop a culture of writing, documenting, designing and sharing knowledge for mutual benefit among the employees.

To understand that communication and collaboration often shape our client's perspective of our professionalism and performance. The comprehensive communication and collaboration tools in Freelance Suite are perfect for large companies, or a two-man design team.

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At six to eight hours a day, five days a week, they helped as a guide are poised to become one of the most influential people in your students' life.